Today started with Rachel ending her shift at work and she gets home to FT (facetime) with me on Snapchat. After fucking around for an hour or so, we fall asleep together via FTiming. The really cool thing about FT is that you can be with someone at all times of the day. You see, like right now at this very moment I'm writing this blog at around 8:30 am. And I'm looking right at Rachel as she is at her house asleep! I gotta admit that live video feed is pretty fucking cool, especially when you can mute yourself as to not blast the other person with loud ass keyboard clicks and good morning coffee farts. Awwwwe, how sweet right!? Seems like today's technology is built for us old school ADHD types who never even got diagnosed with that shit. And our cure back then was to just run it out of our system by hitting the sack in a sprint. So with today's tech we can multi-function in total ease, like writing a blog while spending precious time with those you love! Pretty cool

How We Won $500

 We were supposed to get our tattoos together, but unforseen forces intervened and made it a tad more interesting...   This thing eventually opens up with Rachel challenging me by saying.. "we will see, and that she was gonna get the tatt on her own and bet me that she'd do it today" - full knowing that I wasn't going to... I knew that losing $500 bucks would kinda suck for both of us, so I had to keep playing. And being the sport that I am, I challenged her to $500 that she'd lose. So we're off to the races.. As soon as I confirmed the text about the bet, I flipped a bitch on the road and headed home for some cash. Heading home, I start thinking that if I get mines first and she doesn't get hers.. than I'd look like a dumbass! But then I thought.. I'd still be first ! Pulling in to the tatt place I stuff my face with some fries and coffee I got on the way and head inside. Danny is getting a tatt on his forehead and says.. "thought you had an

Got My Valentines Day Present Early!

  Just before lunch chillin at my brides crib, the doorbell rings and I didn't even hear it. The Fedex guy shows up and says I've got a package for you! She comes into the bedroom excited as hell.. And she can't wait to show me her gift. I tell her to wait for Valentines day.. but she can't.. I ask if it's a book and she says mind your business! I chuckle and think it's a book by the shape of the box. So she opens the package hands it to me and as I reach into the box.. voila it's a book! But not just any book, it's a book about us! My fiancee made me a book! It's got everything.. even all the sexy stuff! This book is sooooo R.A.D.! Now why did I spell R.A.D the like this? Well lemme tell ya..! One day Rachel said that RAD means Rachel And Dean, and it just stuck with me ever since.. She is so amazing in so many ways.. She's got brains AND brawn! And especially a humor that just goes on for days.. And the way she laughs.. oh my god I'm soooo

She Said Yes!

One day Rachel and I were sitting around the office and I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to afford a suitable ring to give her. And her reply was that I could've given her a piece of string and proposed and she would still have said yes. And even after knowing - that she'd pretty much say yes anyway.. I was still nervous because I didn't know if she was just playing around or actually serious. I mean, I've got insecurities myself and at my age they can stack up pretty high. So today I got the ring and it wasn't my first choice.. When I showed up early to the jewelry store, I immediately sought out the one's that resembled some of the examples that Rachel showed me before. So I picked out something in a price range that I could afford but would need to finance it. Unfortunately I didn't qualify for the finance and was turned down. But determined as I am, I asked her what options did I have. She mentioned a lay away type deal, but I didn't want to w

My Girlfriend

Her voice reminds me of a warm summer day with a cool breeze that takes your breath away.   I can get real mushy when I talk about her and I've never been that way with anyone else - EVER! I'm so blessed to have her by my side through everything, because the way that she communicates with me is so right to the point and I've never been able to express myself this way before. Being raised in an Asian family, I wasn't able to say certain things because then I'd be disrespecting everyone by expressing how I feel. So in some ways my way of communicating was somewhat stifled by a certain upbringing. But with Rachel, she makes me understand that open communication about everything is key to healthy relationships along with trust. Don't get me wrong, I've been in relationships before that have tested tempers and torn down ego's. But now.. and with her.. I'm able to tear down old barriers that have kept me from growing in the past. I'm so thankful for he

Welp, She's Home..

Betty just doesn't wanna die.. Got her up on the 2nd trailer and home from Vidal, California on (10-20-22). She starts right up! Even with her innards all shoved in like that..   Even wants to drive, if it wasn't for her busted spindle..   I tried driving her up the trailer, but the front tire wouldn't turn and all that did was shove the trailer forward - while lifting the back end of the other truck that is supposed to be towing her! I Gotta Stop Wishing For Shit!! Why? Because ever since I gave that truck to my son couple of years ago, I've often wanted it back and now she's here - but not what I imagined.. And since Betty doesn't wanna die, we'll let her live in " Kat " the Kustom Chopped Top Cougar. Which we'll probably name her Kat Betty from now on.. 😆 I'll get crap from the Ford Mercury and Dodge Chrysler buffs but I really don't give a shit.. after all - Kat was born to be Kustom in the first place. 🤘

Life Cycle Theory

Friend of mine just told me the secret formula for anti-aging! She said that the Life Cycle Theory is something that can help to explain the process of anti aging. We also discussed the matter of how aging is controlled by the amount of cellular energy being absorbed and being exhausted. And if beings were to provide optimum balance of usage on the cellular level - by acquiring, converting and giving, than one can achieve anti aging to that degree. Far fetched yet reachable hypothesis it may be, somehow I ponder it to make some sense in a quite plausible matter. Simply because this model seems to be evident in scores of universal laws and to me it's relative to rhythm and cadence. In the natural environment it shows itself through spectrum, frequency and behavior of ions. Crazy right? Sometimes that's the kind of shit I start my morning with.. along with coffee and some weed 😆 Happy Tuesday motherfuckers! 🤘