Today started with Rachel ending her shift at work and she gets home to FT (facetime) with me on Snapchat.

After fucking around for an hour or so, we fall asleep together via FTiming.

The really cool thing about FT is that you can be with someone at all times of the day. You see, like right now at this very moment I'm writing this blog at around 8:30 am. And I'm looking right at Rachel as she is at her house asleep!

I gotta admit that live video feed is pretty fucking cool, especially when you can mute yourself as to not blast the other person with loud ass keyboard clicks and good morning coffee farts. Awwwwe, how sweet right!?

Seems like today's technology is built for us old school ADHD types who never even got diagnosed with that shit. And our cure back then was to just run it out of our system by hitting the sack in a sprint.

So with today's tech we can multi-function in total ease, like writing a blog while spending precious time with those you love! Pretty cool right?

Anyway, so at around three AM-ish Rachel says "so we're gonna get our tattoo's today?" and I'm like Yeah! lets do it. Then we start on how there's more designs that we can check out online to see if there's better one's than the one we had already picked out.

She stumbles upon one that may check out - but we went back to the first one that we liked from the very start.

From the beginning, Rachel originally found a tatt that has both our astro signs (together as one) and when I saw it - I was immediately drawn to it. And I instantly knew that this one needs to go on my right hand!


And today, she brings up that we could do it after lunch - at Chico's (Calico's)! And here we are the two opposites a Virgo and a Gemini. One wide awake morning person and the other fast asleep, (not so morning person).

Now it's about 10:30 am I about to shave my head, startin' to look like a hippy! And she's awake, and now it's shower time!! (Pause..)

Now she's on her way for lunch @ 12:17 PM