Cliff and Lucky

 I'm sitting here in deep grief and shame, to have to admit that I can't meet my dogs needs any longer..

And today we have to rehome them to others who can take better care for them rather than us.

Cliff was the first to show up when he followed me home around 2015 and when he strolled into our house, I asked my son Hazen if he wanted a dog and that was that.

Lucky recently came to us in July from the same Shelter that we're taking him back to, and needs more attention, or just kept as an outside dog - because of his hard to train bathroom habits. We can't afford the effort it takes to add posts and fencing for them to be more outside and it pains me that we can't keep him either.

Their both good dogs for the most part, with the exception of Cliffs annoying barking habits and allergy scratching he picked up about four or five years ago.

And now both of them have to go..

Years ago.. a medium told me that Cliff would be a big part of my life which took me by surprise because he is mainly my son's dog and I really didn't like him. But now as I near the close of our relationship, I'm being torn apart from within and feeling inadequate to support him.

All the things that pissed me off about him, I know I'll miss and in many ways my heart is breaking. It's hard to let him go and too soon to understand the grieving process that I'm about to face.

The Shelter opens up at 8 am and I'm here in sadness..