Got My Valentines Day Present Early!


Just before lunch chillin at my brides crib, the doorbell rings and I didn't even hear it.

The Fedex guy shows up and says I've got a package for you!

She comes into the bedroom excited as hell..

And she can't wait to show me her gift.

I tell her to wait for Valentines day.. but she can't..

I ask if it's a book and she says mind your business! I chuckle and think it's a book by the shape of the box.

So she opens the package hands it to me and as I reach into the box.. voila it's a book!

But not just any book, it's a book about us!

My fiancee made me a book!

It's got everything.. even all the sexy stuff!

This book is sooooo R.A.D.! Now why did I spell R.A.D the like this? Well lemme tell ya..!

One day Rachel said that RAD means Rachel And Dean, and it just stuck with me ever since.. She is so amazing in so many ways.. She's got brains AND brawn! And especially a humor that just goes on for days..

And the way she laughs.. oh my god I'm soooo fucking addicted!

Rachel is sooo beautiful, inside and out.. and sometimes I feel like (the devil himself) because of her wide range of empathy.