How We Won $500

 We were supposed to get our tattoos together, but unforseen forces intervened and made it a tad more interesting...


This thing eventually opens up with Rachel challenging me by saying.. "we will see, and that she was gonna get the tatt on her own and bet me that she'd do it today" - full knowing that I wasn't going to... I knew that losing $500 bucks would kinda suck for both of us, so I had to keep playing.

And being the sport that I am, I challenged her to $500 that she'd lose.

So we're off to the races..

As soon as I confirmed the text about the bet, I flipped a bitch on the road and headed home for some cash.

Heading home, I start thinking that if I get mines first and she doesn't get hers.. than I'd look like a dumbass!

But then I thought.. I'd still be first!

Pulling in to the tatt place I stuff my face with some fries and coffee I got on the way and head inside.

Danny is getting a tatt on his forehead and says.. "thought you had an appointment at 11"?

It was almost 1pm and I said yes I did..

He goes, still wanna do it?


Alright gimme a minute.

An hour and a half later, I was in the chair and ready.

I knew it was gonna turn out sweet, but it looked more amazing after it was all inked in.

After Danny took a couple of pics on my phone, I instantly texted her the pics and said "I win"!


And she replies back "that the bet was not about who did it first, but whoever decided to get it done today." Well, we both got it done so...

BAM!! $500 BUCKS! on a draw..

Why? How? What Win?

Well lemme tall ya, and it's not because I've been working in a Casino - but common sense has ultimately forced me to learn that if you don't spend actual money on a bet - that means you still won. Because it's a whole hell of a lot better than spending it and or losing it!

Now if she would've said that the bet was about HER getting the tattoo or not, than I would have lost the cash. But she didn't, and that's how I we were able to BOTH win.

But it gets even better..

After she tells me that the bet (wasn't about who did it first), I reply with "Well, at least we know who did it FIRST! - Purdy though ain't it?"

Rachel replies Whatever! And says that she looooves it.

- Then I ask her "where's mine?"

She says in about half an hour..

So I say "we will see. still got time to chicken out.

She says Ehh I'm retired.. (inside joke) and now I'm laughing..

About an hour and a half later she says that she chickened out... I texted her back "no you didn't" And she mentions that they just seemed not so nice and she was so scared!

Now I'm like fuck! I knew it!

Couple minutes later, she texts a picture of the tatt and said "Juuuuust kidding!"


Goddammit! She almost fucking got me!! And (still kinda did actually)..

The thing is..

Is that we actually both came up on top, because instead of just ho humming into a tatt shop and getting a typical tatt together.

We actually had ourselves a fuckin tattoo adventure!

Pretty fuckin cool if you ask me..!

Next time we'll go together and get a Gemini/Virgo combo and I want mine on my right hand!