She Said Yes!

One day Rachel and I were sitting around the office and I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to afford a suitable ring to give her. And her reply was that I could've given her a piece of string and proposed and she would still have said yes.

And even after knowing - that she'd pretty much say yes anyway.. I was still nervous because I didn't know if she was just playing around or actually serious. I mean, I've got insecurities myself and at my age they can stack up pretty high.

So today I got the ring and it wasn't my first choice..

When I showed up early to the jewelry store, I immediately sought out the one's that resembled some of the examples that Rachel showed me before. So I picked out something in a price range that I could afford but would need to finance it.

Unfortunately I didn't qualify for the finance and was turned down. But determined as I am, I asked her what options did I have. She mentioned a lay away type deal, but I didn't want to wait that long - because I wanted to propose either before or just after the New Year.

After I looked further at other rings, I began to narrow it down to a set of engagement and a wedding band combination. I had space on my credit card so I put it on that..

After she gets it ready for the sizer guy, she said that they'll notify me in a day or two as to when I could come and pick them up. So I leave to get ready for a swing shift on a Tuesday..

Just about as I was finished getting ready for work, I noticed that the jewelry shop had called and left a message saying that I could come get the ring before they close at around 5pm or so.

To my surprise, I didn't know that I'd be able to pick up the ring and propose all in the same day!

So when I saw a moment open up - in between us running around and being busy, I went and sought her out.

After I found her, I asked if she could talk for a bit in the shop office.

I was so nervous that I could hardly contain myself, but I finally sat her down in the chair as I got down on one knee and the box of rings in my hand.

She saw what I was about to do and was smiling, so I opened the box to reveal the rings and asked her if she'd be my wife. To my surprise she immediately said yes with no hesitation whatsoever.

My heart just about flew out of my chest! So I put the ring on her finger and kissed her in fervent assurance.