Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

 I haven't done much acrylic painting since I tore my rotator cuff, but was able to transform some older abstract work into newer stuff.

What I've done here is applied some real pressed cannabis leaves to an existing work and added more paint to make it look like this:

Ðean Oliverio, Copyright © 2022 Black Dog Ventures Ltd., Co

Now the technique I used with the work above was partly used in the piece that I'm about to show you.

The artwork that you're about to see took third place for Mixed Media in an International Juried Competition in Las Vegas some years ago.

This is "Anticipate" 24"x36" which is assorted acrylic paint and art ink on watercolor paper.

"Anticipate" by Ðean Oliverio, Copyright © 2016-2022 Black Dog Ventures Ltd., Co

As you can tell, there are more scrape painting layers on this piece and the funny thing is that this study was done as an experiment to see if I could actually do an abstract piece for the first time. Plus, I wanted to test the effect of keeping stapled down watercolor paper flat after it dries - using large butts of green drywall.

And what a surprise to me that it won a place in an International Art Competition!

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