How To Flatten Watercolor Paper

One of the big problems of creating art on watercolor paper is keeping the paper flat after the work is finished.

I've purchased a couple of fancy solutions to this problem, but when I wanted to go larger - it proved difficult to find the right solution.

But the answer was already written on the wall!

For over thirty years I've been in construction and one of those trades was being a drywall installer. And I remember that green board is used mainly in kitchens and bathrooms for its water handling capability.

And when I combined watercolor paper and drywall together, the match was made in heaven. Now every time I paint on watercolor paper, it has to be stapled on a sheet of drywall.

You can also use both sides of the drywall and do two pieces at the same time (sort of).

Never mind the dog hairs, didn't see it till post and I'm not going to wade back in that room just to get another shot. 🤷🏾‍♂️


Nothing beats it! The artwork is straight as a board when finished and can be mounted into a frame WITHOUT glass! So the art AND the frame is super light, which make makes hanging your art a snap.