Karma Chameleon?

The Colorado Belle (4-24-2022)   Lately I've been accused of being a cheater. And the thing that really hurts - is that after Mary died, I've been nothing but loyal in all of my relationships. So now I see this as a test of karma or chameleon. What do I mean by this? My current situation leads me to believe that it may be consequence that I'd be punished for what I had caused to Mary and others in the past. Or it could be just shifts in shades and patterns to learn from - by blending in with my current environment. Third it could be both, in which I'll take my bad medicine and go with the flow. Because I truly want this relationship to work, even though it's taking a lot of work to succeed at it. So if I have to suffer the consequences of my past and endure the hardships of my new environment - so be it. Usually I'd have called it quits by now, but there's this connection that I have with her that goes beyond my current understanding. (Warning: The followin

Welp, She's Home..

Betty just doesn't wanna die.. Got her up on the 2nd trailer and home from Vidal, California on (10-20-22). She starts right up! Even with her innards all shoved in like that..   Even wants to drive, if it wasn't for her busted spindle..   I tried driving her up the trailer, but the front tire wouldn't turn and all that did was shove the trailer forward - while lifting the back end of the other truck that is supposed to be towing her! I Gotta Stop Wishing For Shit!! Why? Because ever since I gave that truck to my son couple of years ago, I've often wanted it back and now she's here - but not what I imagined.. And since Betty doesn't wanna die, we'll let her live in " Kat " the Kustom Chopped Top Cougar. Which we'll probably name her Kat Betty from now on.. 😆 I'll get crap from the Ford Mercury and Dodge Chrysler buffs but I really don't give a shit.. after all - Kat was born to be Kustom in the first place. 🤘

Life Cycle Theory

Friend of mine just told me the secret formula for anti-aging! She said that the Life Cycle Theory is something that can help to explain the process of anti aging. We also discussed the matter of how aging is controlled by the amount of cellular energy being absorbed and being exhausted. And if beings were to provide optimum balance of usage on the cellular level - by acquiring, converting and giving, than one can achieve anti aging to that degree. Far fetched yet reachable hypothesis it may be, somehow I ponder it to make some sense in a quite plausible matter. Simply because this model seems to be evident in scores of universal laws and to me it's relative to rhythm and cadence. In the natural environment it shows itself through spectrum, frequency and behavior of ions. Crazy right? Sometimes that's the kind of shit I start my morning with.. along with coffee and some weed 😆 Happy Tuesday motherfuckers! 🤘

Take A Hike

 One of these days it would be cool to go on the.. Havasu Falls Hike .  Because every time I see an article or ad about this place, I get the urge to go check it out. So this time I found a link that helps prepare you for this experience. Another thing I've always wanted to do was finding a vortex (off topic) maybe relative, but who cares - it's my blog motherfuckers. Anyway here's a link that I found which I guess is all about experiencing the vortexes that have already been discovered and not about discovering them for yourself which is what I searched for in the first place. Until I saw this article on the Havasu Falls Hike and down the rabbit hole I went.. And here's more Vortex shit to trip on.. Scientific Vortex Information Find Energy Vortexes And Make Your Own? Vortex Hunting Tool Lake Havasu Vortexes Spirit Mountain Near Laughlin Nevada   Hiking Spirit Mountain / Newberry Peak Havasu Falls Hike  

Decided To Get Another Drum Kit

 This time I'm opting for a digital drum set and the Alesis Strike Pro SE fits the bill. The main thing is that it's cheaper than buying a truck to haul my current set to a gig and it has a ton of audio capabilities - as well as being compact enough to fit in my current vehicle. This thing has a ton of drum samples and able to program custom sounds too. One of the best things is that we've got full control of the volume to play any venue, from small rooms to large open areas outdoors. And since this kit is easily transportable, we'll be able to save on gas and time especially in times like these.

Rot Stinks

..But It Makes Great Fertilizer! Why give a shit anymore? Memories fade and having a meaningful life only lasts from moment to moment. And it seems as if no matter how far you get, you're always three steps behind. But as when everything turns to shit, some fucking thing seems to find its way to grow out of it right? Magic mushrooms do it all the time, so why not in this shit ass of a life too? Maybe it's gonna take magic to fix this tragic sense of existence. Or not.. My mom still continues to say "if can, can - if no can, then fuck it". Pretty much sums up the definition of " letting it rot ". And yet, something in us continues to fight.. Don't know what it is, don't care to go looking for it. But we know it's there and continues to shrink and grow at any moments notice. Probably because we believe that something different is coming just around the corner. Not to save us and deliver us from evil, but maybe from our own demise? Either way, I got

Another Fuckin' Birthday!

 Yesterday was my Rotator Cuff Surgery Anniversary and this morning I spent topping off ole' Bruce Banner in the garden. Bruce Banner Strain ( 5-27-22 ) Now I gotta have some breakfast and get ready for work.. Pakalolo Spinach Salad Ready For Grind!   By the way, my shoulder has got back its range but the strength and tenacity is all fucked up. Looks like I'm not much of a south paw anymore.