Rot Stinks

..But It Makes Great Fertilizer! Why give a shit anymore? Memories fade and having a meaningful life only lasts from moment to moment. And it seems as if no matter how far you get, you're always three steps behind. But as when everything turns to shit, some fucking thing seems to find its way to grow out of it right? Magic mushrooms do it all the time, so why not in this shit ass of a life too? Maybe it's gonna take magic to fix this tragic sense of existence. Or not.. My mom still continues to say "if can, can - if no can, then fuck it". Pretty much sums up the definition of " letting it rot ". And yet, something in us continues to fight.. Don't know what it is, don't care to go looking for it. But we know it's there and continues to shrink and grow at any moments notice. Probably because we believe that something different is coming just around the corner. Not to save us and deliver us from evil, but maybe from our own demise? Either way, I got

Another Fuckin' Birthday!

 Yesterday was my Rotator Cuff Surgery Anniversary and this morning I spent topping off ole' Bruce Banner in the garden. Bruce Banner Strain ( 5-27-22 ) Now I gotta have some breakfast and get ready for work.. Pakalolo Spinach Salad Ready For Grind!   By the way, my shoulder has got back its range but the strength and tenacity is all fucked up. Looks like I'm not much of a south paw anymore.

Growing Season!

 Been out in the garden(s) these past couple of days getting the ground ready to plant some more pakalolo. This year is gonna be so much better, because I know exactly what to expect. Last year was my first grow and I've learned so much from that season. I've dealt with record degree heat, monsoons and pests like squirrels, rabbits, ants and aphids. This 7 foot tall Pak-Indi, is a cross between Pakistani Chitral Kush and seeds from Andh India. This year I started mid to late spring, but next year I'll run a test at early germination at the end of February and cross my fingers to avoid early flowering. The awesome thing is that there's still a ton of bud from last year and it ain't too bad even after a re-veg. A re-veg is when the cannabis flowers twice, which in turn yields less potent buds. This year there won't be a re-veg so there's gonna be more potency, considering the strains phenotype. I've got six in the ground right now and desperately trying no


 Been writing and recording some music with my friend and tenant Eric since February. Been pretty cool getting back into creating musical art since I left California in 2014. Here's the first song that I recorded the drum parts to below.. So after we started laying down tracks, a band was formed of two people called " Telling The Toll ". Me and Eric have interesting backgrounds which is where we've been able to connect on many levels. The creation process is pretty collaborative and the lyrics I write as phrases, while Eric arranges them to make it work with the music, with the exception of this song Channel One. When we jam, we record it so we can remember what the hell we're doing - because if not the green usually lets the memory fade out real quick.

Truth, Honesty & Death

It's 3am and I wake her up with a mag flashlight. Surprised.. she wonders what's going on. I tell her about my infidelity, secret meth use and a blind love for someone else. ...She says "makes sense" as if she probably knew all about it, but just never said anything for her own personal reasons. For me now, honesty has led to the death of someone that I've loved and still do. And death has also led me to live another life that I've never thought I'd be able to do. This Tao of my life is too complex to explain, but can only be told like pieces of a puzzle ☯️ . click here to see my karma

Saved By The Dragon

 The year my son was born is the year of the Metal Dragon, from the Chinese Zodiac. And this dragon saved me not once - but twice . So today we'll talk about the first time my life was saved because of this dragon. Somewhere around 2004 my life came to a screeching halt and it seemed as if I was crawling in limbo to the erratic rhythm of bad decisions. My wife Mary tried to make it work between us, but I knew that I already destroyed the trust we once had. In my darkness I saw no light and found myself on a winding road from Crestline and knew this was the last time I'd be on it. As the curve round to greet me, I stepped on the gas steadily making my way to the end. All I could think about was how I could mistreat our family the way I did and that there was no way out but this.. Then all of a sudden, just as I hit the point of no return.. I heard the voice of my little dragon "I love you Daddy". Tears immediately streamed down my face as I let up on the gas and the

Good News Is Always Better Than No News

 My Son called me out of the blue today and said he got a job doing Electrical Service work at $23 bucks an hour closer to home. And the first thing I said was "what a dick"! After the awkward silence, I immediately congratulated him which led him to enlighten me of his awesome job. I'm actually excited to hear that my Son makes more money than me, even though I have a mortgage, car payment and enrolled in a debt negotiation program. But it's not about me and never will be, when it comes to my Son. Anyways, just thought that I'd share that real quick with all you mofo's that read this shit..