Standing in front of the 7 foot tall Pak-Indi!

Howzit! ..and welcome to my site that I made for free using Blogger.

I've been an artist for about a hundred years and probably a million more - if we include my past lives, ha-ha.

But the truth is, I sometimes really do feel my age. I've just turned 52 in May and oh man, sometimes ouch right?

The thing with me right now is that I completely tore my rotator cuff and just had surgery the day before my birthday last year. So my shoulder is pretty jacked-up and does NOT feel right. But other than that everything's peachy.

I've actually been able to do some art again after my surgery which you can check out on the art page here.

Ever since I took up an indoor/outdoor gardening hobby 🌿, my work space has gone under transformation and I'm still completely smoked for space - awesome right?

So again, mahalo for being here and have fun! ..because if it weren't for that - what's the use right? - Ðean

Below is some (How-To) stuff I normally share with everyone, so yeah.. don't go thinkin' you're "special" or anything 🤣


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