My Girlfriend

Her voice reminds me of a warm summer day with a cool breeze that takes your breath away.

I can get real mushy when I talk about her and I've never been that way with anyone else - EVER!

I'm so blessed to have her by my side through everything, because the way that she communicates with me is so right to the point and I've never been able to express myself this way before.

Being raised in an Asian family, I wasn't able to say certain things because then I'd be disrespecting everyone by expressing how I feel. So in some ways my way of communicating was somewhat stifled by a certain upbringing.

But with Rachel, she makes me understand that open communication about everything is key to healthy relationships along with trust.

Don't get me wrong, I've been in relationships before that have tested tempers and torn down ego's. But now.. and with her.. I'm able to tear down old barriers that have kept me from growing in the past.

I'm so thankful for her, that I thank God everyday that I get to live the rest of my life with someone that I've waited all my life for.

I've always thought that if you believe something long enough, eventually it comes to fruition. And in this case, I've been able to witness this first hand..

About a year or two ago, I used to hang out at the local swap meet in Golden Valley. I made some friends there and we would talk about growing weed, crystals, tarot readings and such. And one day I was given a tiny "Manifest Notebook" from one of those friends in which I wrote:

"True Blue"

Her beautiful blue eyes gets my attention no matter what kind of time it is.

I can't help but let my breath be taken away every time I think about her.

And when I'm with her, the purpose of my universe surprises me everyday.

She trusts me and my heart is always open to her.

Our smile and laughter compliment each other and that chemistry is pure electric.

It is a rare thing, the way that we use our gift of exploring each others desires.

And how every outcome is an open welcomed experience.

We are true soul mates and nothing in this existence will ever keep us from completing this journey together.

November 2022