Welp, She's Home..

Betty just doesn't wanna die..

Got her up on the 2nd trailer and home from Vidal, California on (10-20-22).

She starts right up! Even with her innards all shoved in like that..


Even wants to drive, if it wasn't for her busted spindle..


I tried driving her up the trailer, but the front tire wouldn't turn and all that did was shove the trailer forward - while lifting the back end of the other truck that is supposed to be towing her!

I Gotta Stop Wishing For Shit!!


Because ever since I gave that truck to my son couple of years ago, I've often wanted it back and now she's here - but not what I imagined..

And since Betty doesn't wanna die, we'll let her live in "Kat" the Kustom Chopped Top Cougar. Which we'll probably name her Kat Betty from now on.. 😆

I'll get crap from the Ford Mercury and Dodge Chrysler buffs but I really don't give a shit.. after all - Kat was born to be Kustom in the first place. 🤘