Life Cycle Theory

Friend of mine just told me the secret formula for anti-aging!

She said that the Life Cycle Theory is something that can help to explain the process of anti aging.

We also discussed the matter of how aging is controlled by the amount of cellular energy being absorbed and being exhausted.

And if beings were to provide optimum balance of usage on the cellular level - by acquiring, converting and giving, than one can achieve anti aging to that degree.

Far fetched yet reachable hypothesis it may be, somehow I ponder it to make some sense in a quite plausible matter.

Simply because this model seems to be evident in scores of universal laws and to me it's relative to rhythm and cadence. In the natural environment it shows itself through spectrum, frequency and behavior of ions.

Crazy right?

Sometimes that's the kind of shit I start my morning with.. along with coffee and some weed 😆

Happy Tuesday motherfuckers! 🤘