Rot Stinks

..But It Makes Great Fertilizer!

Why give a shit anymore?

Memories fade and having a meaningful life only lasts from moment to moment. And it seems as if no matter how far you get, you're always three steps behind.

But as when everything turns to shit, some fucking thing seems to find its way to grow out of it right? Magic mushrooms do it all the time, so why not in this shit ass of a life too?

Maybe it's gonna take magic to fix this tragic sense of existence. Or not..

My mom still continues to say "if can, can - if no can, then fuck it". Pretty much sums up the definition of "letting it rot".

And yet, something in us continues to fight..

Don't know what it is, don't care to go looking for it. But we know it's there and continues to shrink and grow at any moments notice.

Probably because we believe that something different is coming just around the corner. Not to save us and deliver us from evil, but maybe from our own demise?

Either way, I gotta eat and go work..

Howzabout a Pakalolo Spinach Salad?