Growing Season!

 Been out in the garden(s) these past couple of days getting the ground ready to plant some more pakalolo. This year is gonna be so much better, because I know exactly what to expect.

Last year was my first grow and I've learned so much from that season. I've dealt with record degree heat, monsoons and pests like squirrels, rabbits, ants and aphids.

This 7 foot tall Pak-Indi, is a cross between Pakistani Chitral Kush and seeds from Andh India.

This year I started mid to late spring, but next year I'll run a test at early germination at the end of February and cross my fingers to avoid early flowering.

The awesome thing is that there's still a ton of bud from last year and it ain't too bad even after a re-veg. A re-veg is when the cannabis flowers twice, which in turn yields less potent buds.

This year there won't be a re-veg so there's gonna be more potency, considering the strains phenotype.

I've got six in the ground right now and desperately trying not to kill them. I have to adjust everyday with shading, ground cover and hydration to protect these seedlings from heat and powerful UV rays out here in the Arizona high desert.

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