Still Got The Cough

But at least my fever broke on Sunday night.. and I'm also down to 176!

Monday 1-24-22

I don't know what the fuck I got - but this shit went straight for my lungs this time and even though my weekend was fucked, at least that fever shit didn't last over a week like last time.

The Kangen 2.5 acidic water really helps to eliminate the sinus infection via nasal spray and irrigation. And right now it seems like it's almost completely gone, but I'm gonna give it a couple more days before I can actually claim that.

Today is Tuesday - but for me its my Monday and I'm actually excited to get back to work, probably because I've paid a large chunk of cash on my car payment and looking to pay it off in a few months. At over 20% interest I better get rid of that mofo payment soon.

After that I get to work on my credit score and start saving up more cash!

Being an empty nester has some advantages but my heart sometimes aches for the rustling sounds of my son in the house and our little conversations that mean the world to me.

Made an appointment at Ram Auto in Kingman in Feb on Monday the 7th at 9am for a tune-up, because I really don't have the time to play in the dirt with a floor jack, which totally sounds unappealing to me just writing it down right now.

Anyway, I gotta make me something to eat before work today.. laters