Lost Six Pounds In A Week!

Yeah, probably a bad idea but I couldn't help it because I actually got sick, but now I'm at 180 and feel pretty fuckin good.

Seems like I picked up some kind of flu or something, that gave me a fever, body and headaches for days. I would have to say that the 8th of January when it started to the 15th were the worst days. But the 16th through 18th felt a lot better as the fevers began to subside.

I had to take daytime medicine to keep going all week long cause I felt like shit soooo bad. And I'm glad to be off that shit now. I could also feel it starting to affect my lungs like with congestion, but a flush of acidic water from my Kangen machine via nasal spray and irrigation did the trick.

Now days it's more easily defined as the flu, only because everything else is so complicating.

Covid is fucking everyone up these days and I've never been diagnosed with it. The only ties I have to the vid is that damn vaccine.

I had to get the vaccine to work at the casino in Laughlin, Nevada. I got a job on the swing shift as a Slot Technician, which is probably where I caught that bug.

So yeah, awesome right?

The part about losing weight has actually helped quite a bit, because now I've been able to eat cleaner and feel a hell of a lot better.

In addition to feeling lighter, I have more mobility in my waist and can feel that I'll probably have to drop sizes at some point soon.

I can see fat loss in my shoulder area and my face and luckily to have stayed hydrated throughout this time. But the cool thing is that I mentioned earlier about the eating cleaner part and how my body functions way better by a simple dietary change.

And the change I'm talking about is Trophology, which is basically a type of food combination eating strategy.

I've employed this strategy throughout my life with always having excellent results. So why change a good thing?

I'll talk more about trophology later but if you wanna get a jump on it click here.