Have Fun!

I was jazzed to hear from my Son yesterday, since the last time I talked to him was on the 3rd. I texted him "Howzit, everything good?" while getting ready for work and lo and behold he texted me back a couple of paragraphs!

It's amazing to see our children live out their own lives, thinking about their own futures and making efforts to guide their own paths. When they do these things on their own, it gives me great relief to know that everything we'll be okay when I'm gone.

When he started going to school after his mother died, I would drop him off in the mornings and would always leave him with "have fun"! And I remember at times he would look back at me with a.. (why does he always say that look).

And as the years rolled by up until he finally left the nest to venture out on his own - I've always left him with (have fun!) when we'd depart.

As parents we sometimes wonder if we'd ever make an impact on our children's lives, simply because leaving the world a better place than we found it has some kind of meaning. Through time we may question our progress because the feedback we get might not seem as promising as one might expect.

But my heart was overwhelmed yesterday to hear of my child who is now a man, telling me that his plans are slow, but steady and his goals are manifesting and soon to be met.

I immediately replied with an encouraging compliment and abruptly mentioned that I was off to work. I put my phone away and headed to Laughlin as usual. When I got to work I was actually pretty early and decided to checked my phone and this is what I saw..

"I love you too dad! Have fun!" ❤️

 Sometimes we need to hear from the one's we love and should never feel that we should just wait to hear from them.

Yesterday I felt compelled to contact my Son, so I did and the result was quite overwhelming.

Blessed are those who answer to inner peace.. 🤙