Easy Effective Covid 19 Treatment That Makes Sense (to me)

The problem off the bat is that I've never been diagnosed with Covid 19.. yet.

But after I got the vaccine for employment purposes, some pretty weird shit has been happening to me.

After my last shot, I was immediately greeted with a high fever and sore throat. I did a hydrogen enriched alkaline water colon hydrotherapy session and gargled with 2.5 acidic water - which instantly relieved my symptoms and was able to return to work a day later.

I've also personally tested the use of hydrogen rich acidic water through inhalation via nasal spray and irrigation. And what I've discovered is that when applied, immediate relief happens to the affected nasal passages. The hydrogen rich acidic water enters the nasal area and lungs to open up passageways while killing pathogens on contact!

More studies are being performed globally, but for some reason we don't get hear about it through mainstream media. Here's a study I've found that claims there is a potential cheap and effective drug for Covid 19 which you can check out by clicking here.

I personally can attest to nasal and bronchial relief through the use of 2.5 acidic water. And also high fever, head and body ache reduction or elimination - by employing hydrogen enriched alkaline water colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Even if I've never had Covid and just the flu, my symptoms were drastically reduced through the use of hydrogen rich water which for me - comes right out of the tap!

Another awesome benefit is that I was only on over the counter daytime medication for days, instead of weeks.

I rarely take pain relievers because my diet and lifestyle is already geared for anti-inflammatory benefits. And I've been diagnosed with spinal tenosis between my C3 through 5 caused by disc degeneration, so basically headaches are an always recurring theme for me now.

Luckily I've been able to successfully manage my headaches without medication through stretching, pressure point activation, diet and drinking hydrogen rich alkaline water.