Amazing Day

The doctor looks and motions me to approach, even though his expression wasn't alarming I still wondered what it was all about. So my hands leave the support of her back and my eyes reassure her that I'd return.

I get to where the doc is at and he now has my son turned upside down and raises him up to see me. I look into his blinking eyes and he can't stop looking around the room as if trying to figure out what had just happened.

Turning to Mary I whisper of this beautiful gift of life that we've made and without another word we begin to gratefully revel in that precious moment in time. Looking again at our child, I was astonished at how fast they change colors - kinda like a chameleon, but I was still perfectly in awe.

And although it was an amazing day, the night before was definitely not. Because the day before when we arrived at the hospital to induce labor, I had a feeling that something was off.

So when they started on the pitocin we knew there was no turning back and Mary seemed a little nervous, but confident that everything would turn out fine.

It wasn't too long till she began to feel the effects of induced labor, but as time lagged the doctors were concerned about the dilation being unaffected. It takes no genius to figure out what kind of problems that can pose and all we could do was wait.. and wait. Until it was about eleven at night and they finally took her off the hormone and notified us that they'll start back up in the morning.

I eventually crashed out on the chair next to Mary, but kept awake at times because of her restroom trips. I began to worry because she wasn't getting much sleep and since delivery was about to take place in a couple of hours, we were forced to leave it to chance.

She seemed tired but anxious to get it over with when the nurses arrived to start inducing again. But the reason why Mary was awake all night - wasn't just because of the bathroom trips, but the contractions that she was still having from the hormone, to induce the labor process.

It wasn't till later that they decided to break her water and after that.. oh man.. seemed all hell broke loose. Her faced changed and all I could do was support her back while she pushed. All in all, the experience was amazing. And to see our child grow up into a man even more so.

You can prepare yourself for days like the birth of your child, but actually going through it is like - life itself, with unexpected turn of events and wonderful surprises that make for an amazing day.