How My Artwork Won at the Las Vegas Juried International Art Competition

 In 2016 my artwork entitled "Anticipate" took 3rd Place in Mixed Media at the Juried Las Vegas International Art Competition.


Being fairly new to abstract painting, taking third place in a Juried International Art Competition took me by surprise. Especially with me being the only one in that class that was from Arizona, while the other two were from Nevada.

Artists from British Columbia, Australia, Switzerland and a ton from the United States including New Mexico, Nevada, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Michigan and the three of us from Arizona all placed in this competition.

At the Gala Premier I was amazed to find myself among some very talented artists. Because the odds of a newbie abstract painter placing top third in an international art competition are pretty slim to none.

So I chalk it up to destiny that this has happened to me and the others that competed, as well as everyone else that were involved with that event. Because everything happens for a reason and sometimes that reason presents itself in many ways.


"Anticipate" by Ðean Oliverio, Copyright © 2016-2021 Black Dog Ventures Ltd., Co